A multimedia project to explain the supply chain delivery model that makes CPMS stand out from the crowd. 

Sector: Transport

Category: Moving Images, Document Design

CPMS specialises in delivering rail projects through their unique delivery model. The challenge of the project was to create something that would help the team at CPMS to communicate and articulate their distinctive project approach to their clients.

Working collaboratively with CPMS, we developed a visualisation comparison, stage by stage, between the conventional and CPMS’s supply chain delivery model. This is presented along with other company information and case studies in a carefully considered leaflet that engages with the audience in the way it folds.

Developing the visualisations further, we incorporated animated elements for use on their website and designed the webpage layout to maximise the ease of understanding. The finished page helps the audience to immerse themselves into this unique delivery model. Customer understanding of the rail business was hugely improved as a result, and the CPMS directors found the designs to be helpful tools to explain the business.

Visualising a Delivery Model

Visualising a Delivery ModelVisualising a Delivery ModelVisualising a Delivery Model