With the amount of bid graphics we have created for clients over the years, we’ve built up quite a knowledge base of top tips and design thinking approaches. Galliford Try approached us to share this knowledge and upskill their staff in a workshop.

Galliford Try have a programme of bringing in ‘bid professionals’ to run workshops for their work-winning teams, with an aim to share knowledge and industry best practice. They came to TDL-Creative after being impressed by our bid design approach on their bids.

“The group exercises were really valuable for me, because it was an opportunity to learn from other people in the business while working on a ‘live’ project. It lightened the mood, encouraged networking and helped me to broaden my thinking.”

Workshop Participant

The workshop was structured around three core areas;

  1. Understanding the bid graphic stakeholders
  2. Elements of great graphics
  3. A hands-on session of bringing it all together

At the end of the day, workshop participants used the new skills they learnt and designed their own bid graphics for a critique by the whole group.

A running theme for the workshop was a concept we have been developing around principles of the 5W1H methodology of explaining concepts. Originally utilised in the written word, it was thought that if the author explained the who, what, why, where, when and how of a story, the reader would gain a complete understanding of the concept. We’ve adapted this thinking into a graphics language, specifically around bid graphics.

“The 5W1H resource A4 was a real hit as it was something to keep using after the session and distills all we spoke about into one reference sheet.”

Workshop Participant

The workshop was from 9am till 3pm. Participants finished the day with some key learning outcomes including an appreciation for the readers of bid documents, and user-centric approaches to answering tender questions in a graphical way. Web and hardcopy resources were given out, and a list of recommended further reading.

To find out how we can help your bid team create reader-centric bid graphics, please call the studio on +44 (0)20 3637 9961

“The day was great and so many afterward came by and said how much they enjoyed it and found it really interesting and useful.”

Galliford Try Workshop Organiser