Explanatory design

We are a design consultancy based in the UK; with a specialism in Information Design. We use design thinking and creativity to make your ideas more understandable.

Our History

Why work with us?

  • You need to convey important information, or explain how something works.
  • You want the best designs in your sector or organisation.
  • You need a reliable and responsive design service.
  • You want graphics that are creative and innovative.

What do you want to show?

We offer targeted support; making sure that your aims are at the centre of our solutions.

We start by asking you what you want to achieve, then use our skills and experience to create the best design for your challenge.

We make a range of diagrams, maps and infographics; packaging them in user-centric documents, layouts and presentations.

Our Approach

Who we work with

We work with public and private companies from lots of different sectors, helping them to communicate complex things to their customers or within their own organisations.

Our experience in multiple sectors enables us to create intelligent responses to your business challenges.

Our Clients

Our team: The TDL-Galaxy

We are a diverse, award- winning team of design professionals. Experts at what we do, and friendly in the way we do it. We will endeavor to work with you to create effective and innovative designs.

Our Team

Giving something back

We learn new things and see inspirational design approaches every day. We think sharing this is better than locking it away.

We also believe life can be improved with good design so we enjoy the chance to work on pro bono projects for good causes.

Our Resources

Where we work

We know it’s difficult to describe project requirements over the phone or email, so we are more than happy to meet you in person, or co-locate a designer into your office.

We’ve worked face-to-face with our clients all over the UK.

Our Branches

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