Workshops are a great way to ensure that a design project captures exactly what your team requires. We set up and facilitate workshops bringing the key players together, empowering them to think creatively then reflecting their thoughts in our designs. We might use a workshop to enable our clients to think about diagrams to improve their product, or to talk about a specific graphic challenge – for example, to explain a complex process. We can also create a visual record – capturing a client workshop in a single A3 graphic that encapsulates everything – the structure, notes and outputs.

Things We Do

Design Theory

We are excited by what we do, and love discussing it! We can run workshops showcasing the latest thinking on design, especially information design.

Project Strategies

Project Strategies

Let us share our skills, best practice and experience across multiple sectors to help you develop an effective and practical strategy for your project.

Visual Workshop notes

Visual Workshop Notes

We sit in on workshops, producing visuals of key points to use later. These ‘graphical minutes’ are better than loads of text people won’t read.

Why Choose TDL

Experience to share

Whatever your project, we’ve probably done something like it before. We’re constantly refining what we do, experimenting with new, better ways of using design on projects. This gives us the ability to help you plan effectively. Because every project is unique, we’ll learn a lot too.

Teamwork is key

We believe the best design projects are born when everyone shares their thoughts and ideas, building on a collective vision. We work closely with our clients’ teams, getting everyone’s creative thinking on board at the start of a project then taking their ideas forward.

Innovation & creativity

We bring the latest thinking to your project from the start. We soak up the best design approaches and apply them in new, innovative ways. We are on top of the latest international information design practice, and current and emerging graphic design trends.

Our Services