We deliver a range of design services to support key stages of your business growth. We specialise in bid and tender design, but our talents extend beyond that. To help explain which of our services are more relevant to your circumstances, we’ve created a timeline which plots how we can help you at different stages of your business development.

Specialists in Bid Design

Ever since we were founded in 2011, we have been focused on creating market-leading diagrams and designing innovative tender documents. Our information design approach, combined with our experience, helps us to translate and explain complex ideas, processes and data, making it easy for evaluators to understand our client's proposals. Both in the UK and around the world, we've helped our clients win some of the biggest contracts ever procured.


Supporting your business journey through design

Our capability timeline can identify which of our services are most suited to your challenge. Select a challenge to reveal some of the ways we can help you and get in touch to learn more.



You are starting your business journey; establishing yourself and looking at ways to explain your product or services.


Explain your idea
Get investment
Build your brand



Your business is through the first phase of growth, now you need to scale.

We can help you:

Market your business
Win work
Share knowledge



You have steady growth and feel secure in running things day-to-day. You might be looking at expanding your services or creating new growth.

We can help you:

Deliver projects
Evolve your brand
Develop your company
Share success
Stay organised

Our Services


Due to the industry we work in and the clients we work with, some of our work has to be kept secret. We work on a range of confidential projects that can’t be shared on our website, but if you get in touch we do have other examples we can share, or organise a chat to talk about how we can help.


“Their outputs are always of a high quality, and are particularly innovative. Most importantly, they are brilliant at listening, are always friendly, and are very easy to get along with!”

Kieran Griffin

Associate Consultant

“Its refreshing to work with a company who really get what we wanted to do. Your flair and professionalism but down to earth working approach has made this process a real pleasure on a day to day basis - sometimes speaking ten times a day!”

Mel Baldwin

Project Officer

“The work TDL have done on the our Graduate program has been so strong and striking that our business development team have used this base concept to create materials and collateral for multimillion pound construction project tenders. As a business we put a lot of demands on them and they always deliver as both the designers and account management teams act as one and work with me to find real solutions…”

David Blaylock

Learning & Development Manager

“The standard of their work has been top notch and the speed at which they’ve managed to turn things round, and converted bland and lifeless drawings into dynamic infographics, has been really impressive.”

Craig Devin

Senior Proposals Manager

“TDL have the ability to translate intricately complicated messages into simple and effective stories for an array of different audiences. They take time to delve into the detail and emerge with clear, concise and impactful visuals which grab people's attention.”

Lara Correia

Communications Manager