We worked with Dr Freya Corfield to develop a new brand and website for her start-up psychology practice dedicated to Men’s Mental Health. After a few initial calls to understand her aims, target audience and values we were able to create a brand that encapsulated her core methodology. We then applied this brand to an easy to manage website built on the SquareSpace platform providing a professional looking website that she could update whenever she needed to. Read more about our approach below.

The Challenge


Dr Freya Corfield approached us to help her reach potential clients for her new psychology practice. The practice would focus on providing accessible therapy for men. We were tasked with helping her bring her idea to life through the creation of a brand and website. The aim of the website was simple; provide a platform where clients could find out about the practice, the therapy process and get in contact to book a session.

As the project was for a start-up business we ensured that the project delivered maximum value through efficiency and effective project management. We created a bespoke and affordable package to create both the branding and the website within a strict timeframe.

The Process


Our first step was to have a discovery session with Dr Corfield so we could understand her history, the industry and her target market. We reviewed websites and organisations which centred on the same subject, identifying the role branding might play in user engagement. Generally, psychologist websites were lacking a professional design approach, often text-heavy and not accessible for a general user. In contrast, organisations that specifically centred around men’s mental health relied on heavy typography, bold and saturated colours with the identity forming a key part of the organisation’s appeal.

Our brand building aimed to find a middle ground between those two approaches; appealing to the user so they felt comfortable, but also providing the reassurance of a clinical service. Dr Corfield settled on the name 3 Psychology, bringing together her ethos of addressing 3 tangents; mind, body and other. Concept generation used strong typographic treatments and darker palettes echoing the styling of the Men’s Health Sector. This helped us to determine a structure for the logo, but the colour palette initially felt too dark and did not represent the modern take on therapy we wanted to achieve.

Moving away from the darker colours we explored more vibrant colourations of the preferred concept to find an identity that found that middle ground. The 3 organic shapes represent the mind, body and other escalating outwards from the centre. The imperfect and moving nature of the shapes shown throughout the brand touch on the sense that the state and balance between these three areas are ever-changing, moulding and revolving.

With the essence of a brand, we were in a position to move forwards with the website design.

The target audience is a group of limited experience with therapy services; the website needed to combine explanation with encouragement and reassurance. We built the site in a modular way for two key reasons:

  1. To benefit the users. Target users are expected to be on the move when interacting with the content, so the information needs to be accessible and easy to navigate.
  2. For better site management. The site had to be easy for Dr Corfield to update, so we decided to build it on SquareSpace. Content can be updated from her phone, plug-ins allow for easy scheduling and the visual editor makes quick changes much more straightforward. This allows for more independent site management and would only require support from us for complex issues

The site structure is simple, making any information easy to find, and an added call to action to make a booking or contact on every page. The responsiveness of the site ensures it works just as well on mobile.

The Solution


We delivered the website on time, and to budget, all within the parameters of the bespoke proposal we created for 3 Psychology as a new business.

The live site meets the following outcomes:

  • A simple and effective platform that demonstrates Dr Corfield’s expertise and makes the process of booking a session clear and easy
  • A professional and unique brand that appeals to the target audience
  • A future-proofed system that makes updates and expansions quick and straight-forward

“I was looking for help to develop a website and branding for my clinical service. I reached out to TDL because I wanted to create a product that I would be proud of and happy to attach my name to. The aim was to develop a high quality and accessible website that spoke to the young professional market. I found the experience of working with TDL straightforward and I enjoyed cocreating the website. It was exciting to see the final version come together and I couldn’t wait to share it with my network. The website is easy to update and I now understand the basics about how it functions. ”

Dr Freya Corfield