We were asked to produce phasing visualisations that showed the mass haulage of earth in preparation for the Wylfa nuclear power plant extension.

Our client, who is a tier one construction company, had to submit a page limited document to explain how they were going to undertake a large scale demolition and clearing project which would last for two years. The client was based in the Midlands so we had to quickly establish efficient and effective ways of understanding the complex information whilst working remotely.

We worked with the client’s supply chain to establish in more detail what steps would be completed during each stage. The visualisations needed to clearly show the diverse levels of detail in the programme; from removing a small stone wall to the  movement of thousands of tons of earth over a 2 square mile area.

The final outcome was a multi-phased system of coloured and patterned iconography that phased in sequence to guide the end user through the client’s processes of construction.