Dave came from an in-house design team bidding solely in oil and gas, and now applies his ever expanding skill set to the multiple sectors he works across with TDL. He multitasks like a graphic octopus, adapts to any situation and can relax others in a bid environment with his cool, calm demeanor! He's been working with TDL since the company was formed.

Dave has now left the safety of West London & is getting used to life outside the M25, in the Surrey Hills. West is still best though.

Dave has owned a human pet called Tom Howse for 7 long years. He maintains his beautiful coat by taking him on long walks and feeding him cider and the odd Aperol Spritz during the Summer months.

Sketching on Procreating (I <3 my iPad)

Hair care products

Soulful House 2000 – 2008

My Human child and Imaginary Girlfriend

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Bribes (aka the segments scandal)