To celebrate their successful completion of Heathrow T2A, Ferrovial asked us to design a marketing document that highlighted their collaborative approach to the project and the high quality of their finished building.

The T2A construction project was complex, challenging and involved a huge number of people working collaboratively to produce innovative solutions. Our ‘coffee table’ style book is now used by Ferrovial as part of their marketing collateral to win work.

During our research phase we based ourselves on site and interviewed all of the construction, consultant and project management specialists. We combined their stories with inspiring images and beautiful design to capture the spirit of the project.

A large format book was created, to stand out on a shelf or coffee table.  We highlighted key information throughout the book to communicate the scale of the project. Large images and minimal text was a key theme throughout the book, this encourages readers to browse through to the final pages.

“I think that this book now captures perfectly the spirit of our bid team ‒ a concept, narrative, images and layout all working together in perfect harmony… it is a stunning piece of work.”

Grant Mobbs

Business Development Director at Ferrovial Agroman