Here at TDL-London we always strive to provide monthly highlights for our readers, but there’s been so much super designing going on this month that the team has been completely snowed under! We’ve therefore condensed March, April and May into one jam-packed blog post.


  • Ciara joined the team as Business Support Manager. She had previously been working within the renewable energy sector and has also worked for a large pension provider. She brings super organisational skills and management experience to TDL-London and has quickly become an integral part of the team.
Talya during her Pecha Kucha presentation
  • Talya travelled all the way from Washington DC and joined TDL-London as an intern. She started at the beginning of March and stayed with us for just under 2 months- laying the foundations of TDL-London’s new venture, Crisis Infographics. She carried out essential research related to this project whilst also producing a report and presentation in the style of “Pecha Kucha” which all of the team found informative and engaging.
  • Becky has been busy creating the digital e-pub prototype, an interactive iPad app for a financial newsletter. Using Adobe DPS and Indesign, she has designed it to be highly engaging for the user.
  • We found out how tricky it is getting 150 enamel pin badges manufactured in China and sent over to the UK. Absolute nightmare- not helped by Chinese New Year holidays and long production processes. Lesson learned!
  • We worked with Infrabee to create a bidder’s guide to Britain’s rail market. It was broken down into 3 parts- all of which can be viewed here.
  • TDL-London celebrated its 4th birthday in April. The team commemorated this with a pub night out and their favourite game, cards against humanity. This night also acted as a farewell party for Talya and a birthday party for Tom.
The newest team member sees the office for the first time.
  • Edward Tomlinson, AKA “Teddy T” was born! This meant that Oliver was out of office for two weeks learning how to change nappies, and Dave stepped in to run the show whilst Oliver was away.
The Navigator Gemini- A “handy-sized liquefied gas carrier”
  • Craig has been learning all about tanker specifications – in particular “Form C” and “handy-sized liquefied gas carriers” (which actually measure 160m in length….)
  • TDL-London began a project working with the MA students at Reading University. Working with the Crisis Infographics division of TDL, the students were set a task of designing graphics which prevent the spread of disease epidemics. The final pieces were submitted on 28th May.