Highlights this month included:

Summer celebrations

It was party time here at TDL as we had our annual summer party. This year we had lots to celebrate, with TDL turning five and the welcoming of three new team members. We started off the celebrations by jumping around at Oxygen Freejumping, it was great fun but did test our fitness a little more than expected! We balanced out the exercise by eating mountains of delicious Mexican food and drinking lots of margaritas at Wahaca.

TDL team trampolining


TDL-Creative website goes live!

We have spent the last couple of months developing a new website and it is now live (you’re on it!). With the expansion of TDL into the West Midlands we needed a new website to encompass TDL-Creative as a whole. We’re still keeping it local with the London and Birmingham studio having their own microsites. Not only does the website have a brand new look but we have added some great resources including: a design archive, diagram library, crisis infographics and a list of useful books and websites. We are currently in the final stages of user testing and populating some areas so please look around and let us know what you think.

TDL-Creative website


We welcome three new faces to the TDL team

We would like to introduce you to Sarah, Aidan and Richard who have just joined the TDL team. Aidan and Richard are both Graphic Communication graduates from Birmingham City University and will be part of the design team based up in the new West Midlands studio. Sarah joins us as a Design Project Manager, a new role for TDL and the team couldn’t have been more excited for her to start. To find out a bit more about our new starters visit the team pages and read their Q&A blog posts by clicking on their names above.

Aidan, Richard and Sarah


TDL-West Midlands move into their new studio in Birmingham

Oliver, Aidan and Richard are now all set up in the West Midlands studio. After a bit of hunting around for the right space the guys found The Bond a converted Victorian warehouse that overlooks Birmingham’s famous canal network. Birmingham was the obvious choice for us with its fantastic transport links and thriving businesses throughout the West Midlands.

Within the West Midlands, we aim to provide graphic and information design solutions to industries the area is well known for, such as automotive, manufacturing, food and drink, and the defence and security sectors.

TDL-West Midlands studio


What the team have learnt about this month


I’ve been researching different methods used in flat-pack furniture instructions, for a potential project we are going to work on. It’s amazing to see the variety – good and bad!

I have also been getting some leadership and culture tips from Jack Welch’s book ‘Straight from the gut’. Jack ran GE from 1980 to 2001 and turned it into ‘the most valuable company in the world’ – a good advisor for TDL!

Book and instruction manuals


I have relearnt the formula for finding out the area of a circle to make them proportional to a ratio.

Area of a circle formula


I’ve been getting back into etching on the weekends at a print studio in Shorditch (selling my first print last week!) and it’s made me think about how I can incorporate more handcrafted work into the information design we do. If you want to see more of my art take a look here.

Print studio