Educated in product design, and later in information design, Oliver has a unique approach to designing communications solutions with a ‘physical feel’ and an empathy with the end user. His appreciation of spacial aesthetics in a physical space enables him to produce designs that come alive on the page.

Oliver is hard working and ambitious, with a passion for creating innovative and successful user-centric designs. He strives to improve the way users interact with their environment, and the objects and materials they use in their daily life. He enjoys the challenge of exploring new arenas in which to design, and takes pride in what he produces from concept to production.

Specific skills

Oliver has worked in the fast paced arena of bids and tenders since 2006, developing his skills in interpreting and transforming information quickly to produce graphic solutions that get the message across in an engaging way. In a stressful environment he is cool as a cucumber.

He understands the strategy and end goals of his clients and delivers solutions by linking the best designers to the challenge. But he doesn’t sit on a pedestal ordering his team around, he gets his hands dirty and is there till the job is done, asking thought-provoking questions and providing innovative ideas and creative concepts.

With his empathy for how people engage with their environment, one of Oliver’s ‘super skills’ is plotting user journeys and finding ways to simplify them.

Clients worked with

In the UK, you are likely to be within 1km of Oliver’s clients right now. He has worked with a massive array of clients from construction to healthcare, and facilities management to insurance.

But it’s not just the giant companies and organisations that sit on his client list; he loves the challenge of design so is more than happy to work on the right project of any size.