Highlights this month included:

    • Douglas spent a week with the team completing his work experience. We thoroughly enjoyed having him here, and were very happy with the work he produced. You can read a summary of his time at TDL-London here.


douglasDouglas on his last day at TDL-London


  • Matt Standage once again came to the rescue! We were lucky enough to have him back for 2 weeks to assist on various projects- one in particular helping to make sense of documents for the American & Canadian waste market (as the client said- it’s not waste, it’s refuse!)


  • The whole team channelled their inner creative spirit at Longfield Studios, creating some unique pottery pieces at the TDL-London summer party. We’ve all got our fingers crossed that our animal sculptures survive the kiln- especially Oliver, whose Chameleon had to be propped up for photos! The day was rounded off with tasty BBQ burgers and drinks at the Lass O’ Richmond Hill– perfect.


2015-07-18 14.05.07

The TDL-London team and their clay animals


  • Tom & Dave have been getting their heads around isometric diagrams- 3D drawings created by applying 30 degree angles to all sides of the design.
  • Tomoko visited some old colleagues (American university of Beirut) in Lebanon and brought back some great treats for the team (including some very strong alcohol)



Dave educating the team during a Friday “hubble”
  • “The Hubble” has been introduced on Friday afternoons at TDL-London. This is an opportunity for the whole team to share ideas and inspiration they’ve been gathering over the past week.