The TDL “Hubble” was introduced during summer this year, and gives team members the opportunity to share inspirational work and unusual ideas.

Being a creative bunch means that we have a penchant for spotting thought-provoking design. Oliver recognised this as an opportunity for collating the things that make us go “wow”– and thus, The Hubble was born!

So every week, the team gather round and each present something that really tickled their pickle during the past 7 days. This can be anything- from beautiful infographics, to an inspirational short film, to a new skill learnt.

Here are a few examples of our favourites so far:

  • TFL’s bus maps- day to night. After visiting the V&A one evening, Oliver photographed some adaptive design on TFL’s information boards- notice that the day map is bright and the night map sits on a darkened background, meaning you instantly know which is which.

2015-04-04 21.28.34


Reminder about Adobe


  • Ryan found some intricate examples of interactive diagrams by Pitch Interactive– we couldn’t get over how much raw information is behind those designs!
  • Both Craig and Oliver loved the simple animations in this video by Inno-Versity, illustrating Captain David Marquet’s talk on greatness.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 16.08.34


The Hubble is enjoyable for a number of reasons, predominantly for providing us with an opportunity to discuss our creative interests and learn what other members of the team feel passionately about. It is an outlet for certain areas of design which we don’t often get to touch upon during work hours.