Back in January 2013, the rules to obtain a UK motorcycle licence were changed.

As Oliver is a keen motorcyclist, this was something we became aware of and took an interest in. We looked at existing explanations on the web, and then found a way to improve for better understanding.

After breaking down the research in to key chunks of information we re-organised it, using the iPad app OmniGraffle, to create a process diagram. After user testing and concept development, we sent our version to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to check against their own.

The final product is an interactive process flow, deconstructing the rich picture as the reader works their way through the diagram.

We often use OmniGraffle on the iPad in the initial stages of design. It’s easy to re-work processes and share the results with the team.

Close up detail of the redesigned licence application process. Typography, colours and icons help the reader navigate through the process. It comes alive in the interactive version, but also works in print too.