The TDL-London office re-design is currently underway. This is not only an exciting time for the team (and the dogs) but a great opportunity to boost team morale and improve productivity.


Fran carried out some research on the key points that contribute to an awesome workspace. Below are her findings, and how we’re going to implement them at TDL-London.


co psych

There have been many studies on how colour affects our moods and emotions, for example, it is believed that blue stimulates the mind, yellow inspires creativity, red affects the body and green creates a calming balance. For the TDL-London walls we have chosen a neutral pale grey, with the TDL orange featuring on the accent wall. Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth; three things that we definitely want to encourage in the new office space!




As mentioned on Mashable, studies found that having a plant on your desk increases productivity and cognitive attention, and also filters the air to remove mould and bacteria. After consulting with the team, we found that nobody was keen on having mould around their desk, so we’ve promised to provide everyone with plenty of greenery to keep their spirits high. Air plants are our favourites.




Luckily, being on the top floor of the office building, we benefit from lots of natural light. However, during the Winter months, it can get pretty gloomy working indoors. It has been proven that bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability. Unfortunately, at TDL-London, we have permanent ceiling strip lighting. After doing some research, we know that we can get new bulbs which replicate natural light and eliminate those “yellow” tones that accompany most office lights. This, combined with our new personal lamps which clip onto our desk dividers, will definitely make for a brighter office environment.


Equipment and layout


Ahead of our new recruitment push, we are re-ordering the desk spaces at TDL-London. This is to maximise the potential of the rooms and ensure that everyone has a perfectly-proportioned work area. Each team member will also be receiving a new swanky HD monitor, which will aid them in producing even more fantastic graphics and diagrams for our clients! Other furnishings and equipment such as new chairs, bike racks, shelving and a Perspex whiteboard are also on the purchase list.




Smell is an often-overlooked sense that can drastically affect the mood of yourself and others around you. Here are a few examples of how different smells can make you feel:

  • Pine – Increases alertness
  • Cinnamon – Improves focus
  • Lavender – Helps to relax you during a stressful work day
  • Peppermint – Lifts your mood
  • Citrus (any) – Wakes you up and lifts your spirits

This is a fascinating discovery that we want to explore at TDL-London. Muji have some lovely natural air fresheners which we think will work well in the space. Unfortunately, one of our employees won’t be able to benefit from this, as she can’t smell! Sorry Ciara!


Different spaces


It’s important for employees to have a quiet place in which to make calls, or just for somewhere to go when they need to really concentrate. We’ve got plans to turn our meeting room into an eclectic lounge area, with upcycled décor and inspirational publications and magazines scattered around. A designer’s refuge.


Inspiration and ideas


We’re a creative bunch, and are always stumbling across new things that inspire and inform our own work. In our new office environment, we want these ideas to be on full display for all to see; art on walls, pinboard dividers and a Perspex whiteboard will all contribute to this. We also want to make the space as interactive as possible, so will have a polaroid camera at hand to document all the fun TDL happenings and a special place to display the images.


We can’t wait to share our TDL redesign progress with you. Keep an eye on the TDL-London Twitter and Facebook pages for picture updates and insights.

For innovation to flourish, organisations must create an environment that fosters creativity; bringing together multi-talented groups of people who work in close collaboration together — exchanging knowledge, ideas and shaping the direction of the future.” — Linda Naiman


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