Tom has been within the design sector since 2012, whether it freelance, in-house in the film industry, or the world of bidding and information design.

He came from an in-house design team based in the Middle East designing predominantly bilingual (Arabic and English) signage and wayfinding for an international film festival. He now applies his ever increasing skill-set to the multiple sectors he works with at TDL.

Specific skills

Tom thrives working in a client’s office environment; with a chatty and friendly manner, he matches both quality work with top quality conversation.

Tom excels at phasing and construction diagrams. He uses his acute attention to detail and knowledge from previous bids in the construction industry to create innovative and engaging diagrams. Tom doesn’t just gloss over information, he will learn from engineers and construction experts to ensure all content is accurate and logical, ensuring it is presented in a clear and concise way.

From previous work in the Middle East, Tom has the ability to design bilingually in both English and Arabic.

Clients worked with

The majority of Tom’s work has been focused on construction bids, including super sewers, roads, airports and bridges. Tom has worked on three of London’s biggest tenders: ­ the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station, construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel and the Northern Line Extension.

Tom has also worked on a wide variety of bids outside the world of construction, in fact, more bids than you could shake a stick at!