Over the past two months we’ve seen our design team grow. We thought it would be a great idea to ask our new starters some quick-fire questions so that we (and you) can get to know them better.

Sammi has recently re-located to London to join the TDL-London team. She has lots of experience working within the e-learning sector and is a little bit of an elephant fanatic!

Sammi Bio_1


What made you want to work at TDL?

S: My background is a little different, I studied Fashion Promotion at University where I loved the graphic side but found the glamour wasn’t for me. I have since worked in e-learning and realised that making information clear and understandable is the kind a challenge I enjoy. So where better to work than an information agency with some nice people.


If you could design one thing what would it be?

S: My own house.


If you had to frame one piece of graphic design what would it be?

S: Peter Catherall – Red Cranes and City (but I like all of his prints)



What’s your “party trick”?

S: Hmmm I’m struggling with this one…I once hula hooped through a whole film.


You’re having a TV marathon this weekend. Which box set would you choose and which snacks would you provide?

S: Mad Men, I have been dragging it out for ages because I don’t want it to end. I still have the second half of the last season saved for a rainy day. Snacks would have to be some classic cheese twists, Walkers Sensations (the lime & coriander poppadum’s), and a chocolate orange.



Who would be your dream client and why?

S: Tfl – great style, great audience, great challenge


How do you embody the TDL team values? (creative & innovative, enthusiastic team, responsive & reliable)

S: Together our Design is Limitless


What are three things you’d love to learn this year?

S: I started yoga a while ago but then had to leave the class so I’d like to go back to that and make it a regular thing.

Jewellery making.

How to keep store-bought herbs alive. I heard a new tip about basil the other day, let it wilt before watering.


You’re organising the TDL Christmas party- where do you send us?

S: Iceland to see the Northern Lights – or maybe just the local?


Think about your job role at TDL- which animal best represents you at work and why?

S: An ant – I may not be able to carry 100x my own body weight but I am a dedicated team worker.


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