Highlights this month included:


Ryan, the latest TDL recruit
  • The TDL team grew again this month- Ryan joined the ranks as a junior designer! Having graduated with a BA in Graphic Communication from Reading University earlier this year, he is keen to put his design knowledge to good use. Thrown in the deep end, Ryan’s first day was a TDL BiaD workshop, which he spent working on the new starter’s guide and creating some fun space-themed posters.
IMG_2890The TDL-London team during the BiaD workshop


Tom getting colourful
  • TDL-London hosted the second business in a day workshop at the head office (soon-to-be Studio) in Richmond. The day focused on developing the TDL brand identity and planning a scalable expansion of the company. It was an action-packed session, with each team member having a different task set every hour and much more group work incorporated than in the last workshop. Good thing the team had a tasty lunch provided by The Alberts Deli to keep them going (brownies count as brain food, right?)
  • Dave has been working hard creating bid diagrams and other design elements for the Central Bedfordshire bid, worth a huge £140m. The deal was closed towards the end of this month.


TDL-LONDON-Speed Test-01

The speed test graphic- created by Dave
  • Craig and Ryan were pitted against each other in the first ever TDL speed test. The aim of the activity was to understand how quickly we can format a document. They were both “plugged in” and not allowed to talk to the rest of the team until the task was completed- ruthless!
  • The team has recently discovered the amazing-ness of 02 priority… Free coffees, discounted pizza and £1 lunch deals, we’re just annoyed that we didn’t use it sooner!