Over the past two months we’ve seen our design team grow. We thought it would be a great idea to ask our new starters some quick-fire questions so that we (and you) can get to know them better.

Niki has joined us all the way from Australia. Since she started, she’s been patiently explaining to the rest of the team about the wildlife in the outback… and doing some great design work too.

Niki Bio_1

What made you want to work at TDL?

N: I enjoy decoding and working with information to turn it into a story that people can understand.


If you could design one thing what would it be?

N: A graphic novel, based on myths and legends that have been buried by history.


If you had to frame one piece of graphic design what would it be?

N: This poster (below) by Martin Sharp, printed on gold.


What’s your “party trick”?

N: I do not go to parties


You’re having a TV marathon this weekend. Which box set would you choose and which snacks would you provide?

N: One of the BBC’s Jane Austen adaptations. There would be cake, blackberries, and really good coffee.



Who would be your dream client and why?

N: I like the change and adaptation involved in working on different jobs and therefore couldn’t pick one dream client. However it would be great to collaborate with more clients who are working towards making a positive impact on the lives of people in need.


How do you embody the TDL team values? (creative & innovative, enthusiastic team, responsive & reliable)

N: I always want things done well, and this requires all the above values! They feed into each other: you generally don’t get innovation or reliability without enthusiasm, and so on. I think it’s about genuinely caring about the job, and understanding both your own and other people’s motives for doing it.


What are three things you’d love to learn this year?

N: I want to become a Grand Master at Illustrator, to know more about information design, and to know enough recipes for about a month’s worth of quick cook dinners.


You’re organising the TDL Christmas party- where do you send us?

N: Laser tag? Chocolate making?


Think about your job role at TDL- which animal best represents you at work and why?

N: This thing, (below) it’s called a tarsier. It’s small, has big watchful eyes, and a fast metabolism.


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