So after meticulous planning and a seamless install, TDL-London HQ has officially been transformed into a “studio”!

The team are now enjoying their new work environment and the space has been optimised to accommodate our three new starters.



photo 3 copy

Each team member has a new 27 inch HD Dell monitor to create awesome graphics on. Features include full HD 1920 x 180 resolution, landscape to portrait orientation and fantastic energy efficiency. They’re also adjustable so each person can customise how the monitor sits in the desk space.



New desks and chairs have been installed throughout. The desks have a handy cable organiser to keep the space free of wires and also feature low dividers to make each section feel more cosy and help with privacy, e.g when chatting with clients over the phone. The chairs are ergonomically designed to reduce back problems (which Dave is very pleased about) and have an array of adjustability settings which kept Craig entertained for about 3 days. In addition to this, each team member also has a slim-line pedestal to keep personal belongings in.



The rooms have been refreshed with a lick of “Egyptian Cotton” paint, courtesy of Oliver, and with a little help from Fran. The new colour scheme has really brightened up the walls and is complemented by the orange TDL accent colour.


“The Board”

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A custom made Perspex board now sits on the feature wall above the fireplace. This is where we plan the following two weeks at TDL-London. Nobody is allowed to touch the board apart from Dave, who is the board master.


Plant life

photo 4

Each team member has been given a desk plant to look after- we didn’t realise how spikey the cacti were until they arrived! TDL-London also has two new larger pot plants which live in the meeting room and second work room. Introducing plants into a work environment has been proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and even eliminate sickness and absence! How cool is that?



photo 3

After a long voyage from China, the scent diffuser finally arrived. The team is currently enjoying a delightful ylang ylang scented mist and ambient light being emitted from the intriguing object. Ylang ylang has been known for centuries as a wonderful natural remedy for stress and anxiety– great for those tough deadline days!


What’s next?

photo 5

There are just a few small jobs left to do before the studio is complete-

  • Art for the walls. We’re looking into finding some inspirational graphic design prints to display at TDL-London
  • Remounting the screen in an easily accessible place so that the team can share ideas- and we can have more film nights!
  • An online document for studio suggestions which staff can add to if they think of anything which might be a valuable asset to the space


The difference that the re-design has made to work life has been huge. We wanted to make the space a pleasurable environment to work in, and a place we’re proud of. We’ve definitely achieved that and look forward to completing the finishing touches very soon.

Plant facts found here.