Highlights this month included:

  • Oliver thoroughly enjoyed his presentation on Information Design at the APMP Conference. The event took place at the SCIN gallery in London and focused on educating the audience about how best to craft diagrams within bid documents.

Oliver Presenting at the APMP conference
  • The TDL-London office re-design planning has begun! Each member of the team has submitted their requests for new and exciting décor. The list currently includes retro lockers, space-saving bike racks and a glass whiteboard.
  • Oliver and Craig attended their first business in a day (BiaD) workshop, focusing on “Digital Craftmanship” as a sustainable business. The day went very well, fuelled by the delicious food and refreshments provided by Boki Coffee
Oliver at the first “business in a day” workshop
  • The Beast made an appearance again, helping Craig to overcome the challenge of compatibility problems between Mac and PC operating systems whilst designing an email signature for a client. Hooray for The Beast!