The time has come for the second TDL-London Business in a Day workshop

During the last session, The Imperial Press was created. This time round, the team is focusing on developing the TDL brand identity.

BiaD, the brainchild of Oliver, first occurred in 2014 when the TDL-London team took a day out of the typical design diary to launch The Imperial Press. In just 8 hours, a logo was designed, a website was built, a marketing strategy was put in place, social media pages were launched and a financial structure was solidified.

After promoting the concept on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, Oliver received so much interest that he decided to make BiaD a recurring event.

Another event, managed by TDL-London, took place in June 2015 and focused on the theme of “digital craftsmanship”. Although the work produced during the workshop was not strictly TDL related, it was an informative and exciting day for Oliver and Craig, who led the discussions.

Back at TDL-London HQ and ahead of the event tomorrow, we have all prepared a few pieces of work for the brand development activities. The reasoning behind the workshop is simply the number of “odd TDL jobs” that people haven’t had the time to complete due to demanding work schedules. The team agreed it would be more beneficial to take a day off from client work, and focus purely on the company development. Doing it this way improves efficiency and encourages group collaboration.

Only two people have assigned roles this time; Craig “the overseer” Melvin and Oliver “the client” Tomlinson. Craig will be leading the activities, and Oliver will be on-hand to answer any questions about the briefs, much like a client would. The rest of the team have assigned tasks based on their skills and strengths. There is also a focus on “pair work”, to make the day more engaging and fun.

One of the main aims is to complete the TDL-London new starter pack, which will be an integral part of the current recruitment push.

Keep an eye on the TDL-London Facebook and Twitter pages for live updates throughout the day tomorrow.