Highlights this month included:

Tomoko returning from Japan

Tomoko enjoyed a trip back to Japan during the Winter break to see her family, and tells us she had a great (c)old time. She brought back some lovely treats for the team including Green Tea KitKats, authentic Japanese nut snacks and a bottle of Sake. Thanks Tomoko! She also came back to the studio with a brand new cropped haircut that looks amazing. Here’s a short interview with her:

Where did you go in Japan?

Tokyo, Morioka (my ABSOLUTELY lovely hometown) and Hachinohe in the north.

japan and sushi

How cold was it?

Between –7 and 3 celsius. I let the tap water in the house freeze because I forgot to shut down the water supply the night before.

Other interesting tales

I was in a very remote, quiet area. Nothing crazy happens there except earthquakes!

My family live in a relatively old house (over 100 years old and made from wood) which has an in-house shrine. During the Christmas period a special meal is offered and eaten by the male members of the family. Women cannot touch it, which I had to be reminded about. We send whole dried salmon to each other in the winter. Yes, one big salmon, marinated in salt…

Also your lovely new haircut, where was that done?

Thank you! The first stage, 30-cm cut, was done in Japan, but the current cut was done in Richmond. I carried around my hair in Japan till I came back here and mailed it – donating it for charity

shrine in Japan from Tomoko's trip

Diagrams for International Development

Tom has been working with new client DAI, which he says has been a pleasure. It’s been interesting working in a different sector, in particular International Development, aiding countries to be run more efficiently, and giving everyone an equal opportunity to a good life and work opportunities. Diagrams created included Theories of Change, showing how DAI could implement their plans. Journey maps and process flows were also key in these bid graphics, showing how members of the community can be given grants to grow economically for themselves, and then in turn for the country as a whole.

First project for TDL-West Midlands

TDL-West Midlands is working on a great locally focused project with Balfour Beatty Living Places in Herefordshire. We are even teaming up with Hereford College of Arts to set students a brief to create a bespoke illustrated contents page.

Business in a Day is back!

We’ve been working on a great project to bring the Business in a Day concept to budding entrepreneurs in the welfare sector. It’s work in progress at the moment but watch this space for news over the next couple of months.



All images in this post from Tomoko