As we’ve spent much more time inside throughout 2020, TDL team members have found themselves picking up new hobbies and revisiting old hobbies to pass the time. Board games have been a saving grace for many long afternoons, so what better time to revisit old favourites like Monopoly, Risk and Cluedo? An even older classic is Chess – the ultimate test of tactics and strategy.

If you’ve never given chess a go, or maybe your skills are quite rusty, try out our ‘How To…’ guide which will help you learn the rules and moves you will need to get started!

The “How To…” started out as a static document, showing how to learn the rules of chess through a long-scroll pdf. Navigation was added at a later stage to make vertical scanning of the guide easier. When learning a new set of rules or instructions, the user will find themselves repeatedly referring back to different sections they’ve read, scanning for important details they may not have fully taken in on first reading.

The natural progression of this concept was to make the guide more immediately accessible to users. A mobile app allows players to have a fully navigable guide at their fingertips.

Follow the link to test out our prototype for the How To Play Chess mobile app (fear not desktop users, the prototype also works on desktop!)

“Every chess Master was once a beginner”

Irving Chernev