Hard-hitting poster designed to be placed in Police stations around Powys, Wales.

In 2013, we were approached by Brecknock Women’s Aid to design a poster to promote a free course in ‘Becoming Respectful’. Brecknock work in the Powys area supporting survivors of domestic abuse.

We were told of terrible stories where children had drawn pictures of their abusive fathers, and thought this would be a powerful visual link for the campaign.

The final illustration on the poster was drawn in-house and stuck on a fridge to highlight the domestic element. We added the ‘Don’t be a monster’ copy line to anchor the serious message and capture the audience’s attention.

We thought it would be a good idea to link the poster to some double-sided business cards. The client was very happy!

A date for the diary; it’s national domestic abuse awareness month for the duration of October 2015. Please see the following pages for more information: