Tomoko has trod many different parts of the world and worked within a number of industries. She was previously a graphic designer within a university in the Middle East before coming to the UK.

Being a true Far Easterner, Tomoko is calm and patient. She enjoys making sense of things and brings her diverse cultural background into design to make it fun!

Specific skills

Tomoko’s work covers a range of projects on various topics – academic research in science and humanities, PR, events and so on – for different audiences. With her hands-on experience in information design, she loves working with complex materials with lots of text, layers of information, and many images to create.

Tsunami mapping/planning was a focus during her MA Information Design course, so Tomoko is a key influencer in our ‘Crisis Infographics’ division at TDL.

Clients worked with

Tomoko has created designs for clients all over the world, within academic, medical, environmental, governmental and charity/NGO sectors. Working on these projects, she was responsible for providing not only artwork, but also advice on design principles and visual identities.