We are pleased to welcome Viviana De Sousa, Project Co-ordinator to our London studio, and keeping up the tradition of asking them some quick-fire questions so that we (and you) can get to know them better.

We had got to the stage where there were too many projects going on for the Designers to keep track of, so a new Project Co-ordinator was required – luckily Viviana De Sousa has got all the right characteristics to ensure our work is delivered on time and to budget. Viviana has joined us from a background in Communications and is looking forward to applying her skills to manage our design projects, and the team!

What made you want to work at TDL?

TDL has given me the opportunity for a career change I had been looking for, to improve my skills and knowledge in a different field being Design. I look forward to working with our clients and the TDL team.

If you could design one thing what would it be?

Design of a new car.

If you had to frame one piece of graphic design what would it be?

A Classic!

Image sourced from The Louvre

What’s your “party trick”?

Knowing random facts!

(The world’s oldest country is in Europe).

You’re having a TV marathon this weekend. Which box set would you choose and which snacks would you provide?

Harry Potter!


Cheesy Nachos with lots of Jalapenos, Toffee popcorn and Dr Pepper!

Image sourced from Warner Bros

Who would be your dream client and why?

Antonio Guterres!

I would love to design a few sections on sustainability for the UN website.

How do you embody the TDL team values? (creative & innovative, enthusiastic team, responsive & reliable)

Creative & innovative: The concept of being creative can be exciting and also be frustrating, I enjoy being part of project from start to end and the in between solutions to resolve any set backs.

Enthusiastic team: Being engaged in projects, widening my knowledge within design, and joining team socials!

Responsive & reliable: Being committed and readily available to help out!

What are three things you’d love to learn this year?

  1. Improve my Dutch
  2. Sign Language
  3. Rock Climbing

You’re organising the TDL Christmas party – where do you send us?

Wine tasting on an Italian Vineyard.

Image sourced from The Travel

Think about your job role at TDL – which animal best represents you at work and why?

Beaver – they easily adapt to its environment and brings benefits to its community.


Image sourced from Science Focus